Keep Pounding

The holidays and the end of the year brought many challenges to me personally.  My step father went to an assisted living facility to live because my mother felt like she could not take care of him.  Then she had a serious accident and broke her neck, back, ribs and sternum.  She stayed with me from Thanksgiving week until after Christmas.  She was finally able to have her cervical collar removed the middle of January.  These circumstances made life a lot harder but at the same time I learned to  “Keep Pounding” as Carolina Panther football player Sam Mills said. 

My mother did not give up.  She was hurt, bruised and very dependent on others but she never gave up.  She keep pushing forward each day.  She tried to maintain control of her life as much as she possibly could and fought tooth and nail to that end.

My holidays were a struggle with the usual holiday drama and the care of my mother.  I also had set goals for myself and wanted to meet those goals.  At the forefront of everything else I knew I must take care of my family and provide the best Thanksgiving and Christmas that I could and take care of them at the same time.  Fortunately, I had help.

Fast forward to today and we are all hear rooting on the Carolina Panthers in the 50th Super Bowl.  We definitely want to win badly.  I know the team is going to give it their best shot.  They are going to have fun doing it and they are going to do it their way regardless of the naysayers.

Life is hard, tomorrow is not guaranteed and no one ever said it was going to be smooth sailing. We must pick ourselves up and push forward.  We have to have fun, look for the positive in life and “Keep Pounding.”

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