Thrillers That Leave More Questions

I just recently read 2 thrillers that left me me with questions.  Both were great reads and I was glad I had the opportunity to read them.  But I found myself with questions like where do the authors get those ideas and are people really like that.

The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner just blew me away.  The story begins with Jonathan Caine, a securities broker who had everything he wanted until one of his decisions caused his fall from glory. He returns to his hometown for his 25th high school reunion and to visit his ailing father and because he is now homeless. By chance he meets Jacqueline, the home coming queen who did not even give him the time of day back then. This book is definitely a thriller and I found myself questioning where the author came up with some of his ideas, Hmm? Jonathan is faced with a decision. Does he “get what he wants” or does he “do the right thing?” Enjoyed this book immensely and would definitely recommend it. 4.5 Stars

No One Knows by J. T. Ellison blindsided me as well.   This thriller takes place in Nashville Tennessee. It is a story of contrasts; good versus bad, fact versus fiction, real versus imagined, love versus hate. From the very beginning I was drawn in and hated to put the book down. I was not prepared for the finale and was completely blown away by the many revelations. I would definitely recommend this book to others that enjoy thrillers and will surely read more by J. T. Ellison. Definitely 4.5 stars


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